Wednesday, August 25, 2010

[R'DOM FLASH ] Kumi Monster retires from fetish photo work

Reporting by Ship Rubber of

"Several months ago, around the time of my birthday, I made a couple
of decisions. The first was to use the rest of this year to wrap up my
shooting - that is, to travel as I normally would, but also tell any
interested photographers that this would be my last year of booking
such shoots. I'll still do some work next year with friends like
Valentina and HW/FetishLive though."

While she will be still doing shows and the occasional shoots as she
mentions, this largely says she is gone too.

Did I miss something in the fetish film industry regarding the
retirement agreement of the 1990s and 2000 performers to end their
careers in 2010/2011 other than shows? If I did could someone please
inform me of such? Other than say Ashley Renee and a few others it
seems more and more notable performers are gone.

Again I am glad that the Japanese market is still active.

"Is the the beginning of end, or the end of the beginning" - R'dom 2010

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