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[R'DOM's ] A Selfish Film Review by Ship Rubber (c) 2010 - "Total enclosure in EXTREME rubber Mark1"

Rubber's Finest: "Total Enclosure in EXTREME Rubber"
A Ship Rubber Critique

Production company:

External Distributor company:

Production Date: August 2009
Release Date: February 2010

Positive :

* Excellent fetish focused film product that excellently uses and
stays completely focused on the fetish
* well made fetish domination storyline using the heavy rubber
costuming as an essential element
* very emotive reactions from the performers to their situations
* solid production values in films recording


* not original storyline
* P.A.L. film format ONLY, no NTSC

Director: Ingo M.
Settings: Private stylized dungeon-fashion design shop
Film Time: 1 hour 06 minutes 44 seconds

Rubber/Latex costuming amount:
EVERYTHING -- and I DO MEAN EVERYTHING -- you can think of!

Hoods, ballet boots, corsets, full bodysuits, gags, neck corsets,
corsets, gloves, skirts, modified straightjackets, modified sleep
sacks, etc.

Full enclosure INDEED!!


This film is PRECISELY what fetish film consumers want -- a solid
fetish product that is designed, executed and marketed SPECIFICALLY
for the fetish film consumer market.

This is no sex film disguising itself as a fetish film with little to
no real fetish focus or usage. This is a rubber fetish film for
rubber fetish consumers.

And it is just near perfect in that idea. HONESTLY, NEAR perfect.

I could go on and on about how well structured this fetish film is
made. Starting with the plot. True for the nay-sayers they are
correct that the plot is not original as it is a fetish domination
story of a fictional latex costuming manufacturer who seeks models for
their unique clothing ware. But the manufacturer has the hidden
agenda of long term/permanent living doll mannequins for those
fashions. But the implementation flows well and does not have any
breaks in the storyline as Pupett and Emma Lee are converted which is
a treat as both male and female people are converted.

I could go on about all the long-term storage and maintainance of
Pupett and Emma Lee including the on-screen showing of fluid and
maintainance tubing of all orifices of the newly converted once human
dolls. I could go on about all the breathe play and latex inhalation
as the hapless formerly free humans are forced to endure as they are
deliberately converted into living latex dolls for their

I could talk endlessly about the fact that this film focuses OBVIOUSLY
on the heavy latex fetish consumers desire of total enclosure and
conversion with the COMPLETE ON-SCREEN rubberization of the models
inside and out.

I do not have to. All those things are openly included in this film
and well-featured.

In short, this film is as good as it is going to get for those film
producers who do not have a large scale film budget say US$200,000 or
more to custom make retractible tubing for "down throat / feeding"
tubes and high end custom made latex costuming such as full eyelid
inclusive hoods that give the perfect illusion of the former people's
faces being perfectly covered in exact matching latex or high-end
shaved head caps to give the full idea of complete head shaving done
for permanent full line conversion that we would get in some good sci-
fi films and television shows.

But even with such limits, there is no doubt that this film is a NEAR
perfect heavy rubber fetish film. That is why I am giving this a NINE
out of TEN. This is a OBVIOUS BUY for ANY rubber fetish film consumer
and for many BDSM consumers who are not expecting hard beat down
intimidation conversions of the target or high end sci-fi conversion

Since I obviously have such high praise for this film and have been
talking about it before, there have been a few wondering why I have
not given this film a 10 out of 10.

Well to be honest, a 10 out of 10 is a perfect, genre-defining film
that completely alters the producers of that genre. And simply put,
this film is NOT a genre definer.

At least, this film is not yet a genre definer. Let me explain. A
genre definer is a film that is not only so powerful and well made it
makes a completely obvious change to way people will look at others
who have done this type of product before that product was made AND
will impact those who seek to do this effect after that product has
been released. For most of us, a genre definer has to have these
three elements in it.

1) it is completely original or is a massive reshift in "that norm"
from what has gone before it.
In the same manner that Annabel Chung redefined on-screen sexual
penetration with the first ever recorded triple same-time penetration
in anus mouth and vagina, and Gia Pamola did the often mentioned but
never seen "Donkey punch", or Marquis' "White Room" that showed light
medical usage in the long term conversion of the human targets into
latex dolls or the long defunct Voila Bizarre's "Gummi in der ehe"
which clearly showed the first on-screen hooding and "Part-Time 1"
from Gwen Media which was the first full on-screen rubberization, a
genre definer MUST have an completely unique or massive imaginative
redoing of events that went before it.

The idea of showcasing reluctant models who become FORCED to endure
their dominators in the clothing and fashion market is not new. In
fact, there have been many mainstream and fetish film producers who
have tackled this idea of personal domination to the fashion/costuming
before. Some of the previous attempts have been made from mainstream
producers including Diana Ross' "Mahogany" (1975) and "The Bitter
Tears of Petra von Kant" (1989) (weak S&M content) and Gus Trikonis
"She's Dressed to Kill" (1979) to the interpretations of the horror/
slasher genre with Italian director Mario Bava's most noted 1964 "Sie
Donne per l"Assassino" ["Blood and Black Lace" (English International
title)] and in the fetish film market from Shiny Films' various rubber
mac fashion display films and of course Gwen Media's VR (Virtual

Thus the story of the fashion model-diva to conquered slave scenario
is not new the manner by which the story is executed on-screen here is
notable because here the film is clearly focused on the performers'
characters and conversion. We see that in their initial pleasant
reaction to getting free publicity and free expensive clothing and
equipment. And we then see their complete horror and frustration to
learn that they will be permanently modelling such creations. So
while not new idea, the story and execution is well made and remains
completely focused on being a FETISH DOMINATION STORY based film that
focuses on the using the costuming as a key aspect without ignoring
the story or lessening its impact in any way.

2) make a notable impact on other producers to adopt its basis or
change away from what the others were doing before.

A genre definer is clearly one that makes people change what has gone
on before, as in the same way that the History Channels' 1990's to
recently full length graphic movie format events including "Sherman's
March" and "The Plague" (2005) changed televised history lessons away
from the mostly instructor led and overhead slide-show presentations
of history story and events.

Unfortunately due to the economy being as limited as it is, we are not
seeing any other of the fetish clothing manufacturers producing any
film products to promote and advertise their wares. In fact, most of
the known fetish clothing manufacturers who still openly advertise
their fetish costuming only use photos to do such promotions and have
either long since abandoned film products such as Sandra of fetish- who has stated that Karezza is long dead and will NOT be
restarted, Skin Two which basically said the same as far as films from
their organization, or they never entered into the film market to
begin with, such as Bianca Beauchamp and her associates with
Polymorphe. They are all stated as being "very happy" in limiting
their product promotions to still-photography only with occasional
film clips. Hopefully when the economy improves, we shall see whether
film production is seen as viable as a promotion tool for fetish
clothing and equipment and whether this type of story driven focus
will be adopted or the old Shiny Films fetish run-way imitation mode
will be maintained.

3) the presentation has to be as perfect or near perfect
As already stated, for the fetish film consumers, this film is simply
wonderful in its pacing, costume usage and subtle powerful domination
story. I admit I would have loved it if we saw the models getting
shaved bald for long term rubber hood wearing and needle usage and
medical play those elements would be an excellent addition to this
film. And while they would improve on the background but those things
are NOT needed for this film. Sure the sci-fi fetish fans WOULD
appreciate it for future films but we understand what this film is and
such additions would NOT be applicable to the sales of the products
that are available from "Rubber's Finest".

Maybe that will inspire Rubber Eva's Rubber Clinic films for more
onscreen conversion of the targets into the latex covered beings
rather than just the action after they are already in costume
[though I really can NOT complain at all on Eva's film products
as Eva's film products have been reliably enjoyable in their
current format]
as that WOULD be an example of genre defining as it would "influence
other producers".

But we are focused on THIS film and this content. And there is very
little to critize in any real way with this film in its execution and
content from what is displayed.

The only problem that "Rubber's Finest" is going to have with this
film is that this film may fail in its intention to be a clear and
obvious promotion for people to BUY their clothing and costume
products that are featured so well in this film. But that failing is
NOT because of the quality of the costuming used or performers
selected and featured in THIS film. With the economy being what it is
at this time, there will be far less consumers who might have been
willing to spend on such costuming than if the consumer economy was
better for those consumers. Though NONE can say that these products
are not worthy of the price for those who have and are full enclosure

I only hope that there are enough consumers of this film so that
"Rubber's Finest"'s management decides that when they want to create
the NEXT collection for sale, said management will be more than
willing to create ANOTHER promotion film to market their wares of the
same calibre of this film has been made. Because even if the heavy
rubber costuming market is slumping, I can EASILY see this film and
any films made of THIS calibre making "Rubber's Finest" some GOOD
sales money.


just simply near perfect for the heavy rubber fetish film consumer

Despite being an obvious promotion film for the "Rubber's Finest"
heavy rubber costuming collection which is featured in this film, at
NO TIME does this film break down into a fashion show or sale tool
despite being such.

The film producers clearly uses the fashion show idea as a great lure
for the fetish domination story and the overt long term rubber
conversion fetish story that this film is.

The rubber fetish film consumers should just add this to their library
as this is the film that they have been waiting on for a LONG time.
And will be probably be waiting on to be topped for some time to come
as it IS this good.



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